Cannes First Look: Josh Hartnett Follows His ‘Gut Instinct’ as a Journalist in Thailand (Exclusive)

Highland Film Group is looking after international sales on the crime thriller from Daniel Roby.

Josh Hartnett is an investigative journalist on the hunt for the truth amid police corruption in Thailand in crime thriller Gut Instinct, from writer/director Daniel Roby (Versailles).

Based on a true story, the film sees Hartnett attempt to unravel a twisted entrapment case, in which a guy from the wrong side of the tracks — played by Antoine-Olivier Pilon (Mommy) — is forced into a dangerous drug deal and sentenced to 100 years in a Thai prison. As he endures torture and abuse, Hartnett’s journalist must track down the undercover cops benefiting from the conspiracy, while also fighting to set him free.

Andre Rouleau and Valerie d’Auteuil of Caramel Films produced alongside Roby, Goldrush Entertainment and Highland Film Group, which is also handling international sales.

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