After escaping a Michigan prison, a daring career criminal assumes a new identity in Canada, marries the love of his life, then goes on to rob 59 banks and jewellery stores while a rogue task force sets out to take him down. Based on the incredible true story and best-selling novel The Flying Bandit.



Having grown up dirt poor, GILBERT GALVAN JR always wanted a stable life, family and ocean-side home away from the gangs and bullies that littered his upbringing. But with a father in prison and an absentee mother, Gilbert’s dreams only seemed to slip away. Separated from the rest of his family, he’s bounced around from foster-home to foster-home, eventually winding up in a Michigan jail. But on May 11th, 1984, he devises the perfect plan to break out so he can chase his childhood dream.


After crossing the border into Canada and assuming the identity “Robert Whiteman”, he finds it nearly impossible to gain employment. What he does find, however, is hope in the form of ANDREA HUDSON, a social worker whose eyes shine justice, loyalty and that same need for family that he so desperately wants. It’s love at first sight. The only problem is Robert needs a job and some cash. Fast.


Telling Andrea that he has found work as a security analyst, Robert discovers the Aeroplan program and begins flying into different cities across the country, charming the locals then robbing their banks blind while always being home in time for dinner. Whether it’s posing as a security guard or auditioning actor, Robert consistently manages to top his previous cons with flair and bravado. Most importantly, though, nobody ever gets hurt. But as the stakes become higher and the jobs become increasingly daring, Robert finds himself being hunted by a newly formed task force headed by DETECTIVE JOHN SNYDES, a brilliant cop determined to take him down.


What ensues is a cross-country pursuit set against the backdrop of the 80’s with Robert and Snydes locked in a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse, and each man determined to outsmart the other. No matter the cost.


Based on the incredible true story.