Blu-Ray Review: “Lost After Dark” (2014)

If you are a fan of slasher films, I have a feeling you would agree that the best slasher flicks came out back in the 1980’s.  Apparently director Ian Kessner  realizes this as well, as he has turned back the clock and made his very own 1980’s slasher film!   Here is the basic plot of LOST AFTER DARK courtesy of the Anchor Bay website:


Spring Ball, 1984.  Adrienne (Kendra Timmins, Midnight Sun, “Wingin’ It”), a straight-A student, joins her quarterback crush Sean (Justin Kelly, Maps To The Stars, Big Muddy) and some friends in sneaking out of their high school dance for some unsupervised mayhem.  The teens’ party plans hit a snag when they run out of gas on a deserted road.  They head out on foot and discover a rundown farmhouse where they hope to find help, but instead find themselves at the mercy of Junior Joad (Mark Wiebe, Sweet Karma), a cannibal killer from an urban legend. After the brutal murder of one of their friends, the group’s quest for help becomes one of survival. Will anyone survive the night?


If you think they don’t make good slasher films these days, think again.  I for one am getting very bored with all the possession and paranormal horror films that have been dominating the horror genre for the last few years.  I miss the good ‘ol slasher films from my childhood growing up in the 80’s.    Luckily, thanks to LOST AFTER DARK you can re-visit the glory days of the slasher film.


The filmmakers did a remarkable job getting the 80’s feel to the film.   I loved all the clothes, the hair, and even the girl on the bus playing with the Rubik’s Cube!   I also liked the slight grainy look to the film, reminding you of the days of watching films at the theater that were not presented in a crisp, digital display.  But, don’t think that the 80’s setting and look is just a gimmick for this film.  The film itself is a very smart and stylish slasher flick, with some great kills and gore.  It would have stood on it’s own as a great slasher film even if set in modern times.  I think the throwback to the 80’s just added one more element of fun for this film.


One thing to note for sure was the acting.  I thought most all of the actors did a great job. I especially liked seeing Robert Patrick  as the tough guy principle.


I highly recommend this one.  LOST AFTER DARK is available now on DVD and Blu-ray from Anchor Bay Entertainment.


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