Lost in the ’80s

The horror genre seems to be remembering its roots this year, as many films harken back to the ‘golden age’ of the slasher when acting and sometimes plots came second to a great kill scene.


Behold, Lost After Dark, a shameless throwback set in the 80’s leaving a group of horny teenagers in peril at a seemingly abandoned farm house.


It may take some cues from the Wrong Turn series, but Lost After Dark is definitely a child of the 80’s with plenty of homages to the Friday the 13th and Texas Chainsaw Massacre series.


Add to the mix Robert Patrick, in one of his funniest roles ever, as the High School principal who runs the school like a military boot camp and you have a perfec blend of horror and comedy.


For me the best kind of horror films have that perfect mesh of horror and comedy and Lost After Dark gets the balance just right, with some genuine tension alongside some good laughs.


Couple this with a genuinely scary killer hunting our protagonists and you have a very fun 80 minues or so in store.


It’s been a great year for the genre so far with Tales of Halloween, Christmas Horror Story and The Final Girls all exceeding expectations, now we can also add Lost After Dark to this distinguised group.


So sit back and enjoy the ride.


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