“Standoff” Thriller Acquired By Saban Films

Saban Films has acquired U.S. distribution rights to writer-director Adam Alleca’sStandoff, a thriller starring Laurence Fishburne and Thomas Jane. An early 2016 release is planned. Jane plays Carter, a troubled veteran who gets a chance at redemption by protecting a 12-year-old girl from a vicious assassin (Fishburne) after she witnesses a murder. Holding a shotgun with a single shell, he engages in physical and psychological warfare in a fight for the girl’s life.


Tove Christensen, Lee Clay, Eric Gozlan and Michael Wexler produced, and executive producers include George Castrounis, Richard Iott and Hayden Christensen, who also stars in Saban’s upcoming American Heist. Standoff was co-produced by Rosie Komandina.


Saban Films recently partnered with Roadside Attractions and Lionsgate on the Cannes pickup A Hologram For The King starring Tom Hanks, and its upcoming titles include the Simon Pegg-Lake Bell rom-com Man UpBacktrack with Adrien Brody and Sam Neill, and USS Indianapolis starring Nicolas Cage.


Saban Films president Bill Bromiley and Ness Saban negotiated the Standoff deal with Paradigm on behalf of the filmmakers.


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